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Indigo Pet Photography at Muddy Paws Wine Festival

Barrel Room sessions are back in 2019. Details are coming soon. 

Karen Black, the pet photographer behind  Indigo Pet Photography, is  thrilled to be back at The Muddy Paws Wine Festival.

Karen is Niagara’s premiere pet photographer. She is known for creating images with impact for people who are kookoo about their pets. Karen’s photos tell stories and document a pet’s essence with honesty and a sense of humour.

While she works in many different locations,  she particularly enjoys those that combine a love of dogs with a penchant for wine. Karen has exceptional insider access to numerous wineries and is able to provide rare opportunities for her Vineyard Sessions.

The Muddy Paws Wine Festival affords you the opportunity to participate in one of Karen’s Limited Edition Barrel Room sessions at Featherstone Estate Winery.  Examples are above.


Facebook: /indigopetphotography

Instagram: indigopetproject

2019 Winery Dogs of Ontario calendar

The Winery Dogs of Ontario calendar is the brain child of Indigo Pet Photography. Karen photographs the dogs of vignerons, winemakers and winery top dogs throughout the year to create this annual homage to four-legged winery mascots. The 2020 calendar will be available for purchase at Muddy Paws for $24.95 + HST.

A portion of the proceeds from the 2020 calendar will go to The Bello Project!

Indigo Pet Photography June 24, 2016

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