Featherstone Estate Winery

Featherstone Estate Winery

Featherstone Winery is a tiny family operated winery that grows, produces and bottles the grapes grown in their own 20-acre vineyard. The result is bright and complex small-lot wines crafted to express the singular nature of their premium site.The majority of our wines are only available from the winery.

Featherstone occupies a very small but special piece of the Niagara Escarpment where we farm naturally and without the use of insecticides, growing wine in a way that is healthy and completely unique. We believe that this individuality translates into our wines. We hope you do, too.

There is an honesty in farming a vineyard that has always appealed to winemaker David Johnson. Originally an accomplished amateur winemaker, his passion eventually led him away from his day job – running a gourmet food shop – and into the vineyards of Niagara. He now tends to 23 acres of vines and the vinification of the harvest at Featherstone Estate Winery. He crafts elegant small-lot wines that are true to their varietal characteristics and expressive of the farm’s unique terroir.

Featherstone Estate Winery is owned and operated by David Johnson and Louise Engel, a husband and wife team who have already gained fame in the Guelph area for their culinary expertise at Featherstone Estate Winery, view from the veranda south.The Guelph Poultry Gourmet Market, which they established in 1986. They come to the wine industry from careers dedicated to excellence in food and a passion for wine.

David and Louise purchased their vineyard in 1999. It was fully planted to grapes and at that time the grapes were being sold to a large wine conglomerate. Over a period of several years, the Featherstone winery was built and fewer grapes were sold off. At the same time, there were upgrades being made to some of the varieties of grapes that were planted. The Vidal and Seyval were removed and replaced with Merlot and Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, planted in 1986, were left to thrive as was the Riesling, which was planted in 1978 and is some of the oldest Riesling in Niagara. Today the entire grape crop is bottled to produce Featherstone wines, with approximately 5,000 cases a year being vinified.

Featherstone Estate Winery, 3678 Victoria Ave, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0

Featherstone Estate Winery May 16, 2016

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